Is the album done yet? Yes, it is!

It's true - and it feels good! A fine way to close out a year (and a decade). As the announcement on the home page says, the album is complete and ready to go. The project has taken about two years, so as you can imagine, I'm glad to finally be able to hear the finished product, and soon you will too! 

So with that and the holidays, I haven't posted here in a bit...I did do the Trembledecember thing, though I didn't end up scratch padding as many ideas as I'd planned. There's plenty of time for that, though, since a third Trembles release most likely won't happen until 2021. There should be plenty of new songs to choose from when it's time, and I do have a pretty good backlog of material to consider revisiting as well.

Things are about to get busy...



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