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Just three more days until Turn Out The Lights, the first single from Sucker in the Promised Land, is available!

Plenty of T of F news to catch up on here...the latest episode of The Border podcast is up from Late Night Dream now, and the Trembles are along for the ride again, with a different song from the album this time:

Late Night Dream was also kind enough to interview me about the new album here:

Trembles of Fortune Late Night Dream Interview

Blue Desert, another excellent Westcoast site, has also included the album in New Releases:

Blue Desert

Many thanks to Late Night Dream and Blue Desert!


I virtually never participate in Facebook memes of any kind, but my sister-in-law nominated me for the one where you post covers of 10 albums that had a big effect on you. Very difficult to limit my choices to just ten albums - I could probably name 100 without stretching things too far...three days into it, I've chosen Steely Dan's Royal Scam, Stevie Wonder's Innervisions and Yes's Close to the Edge. All of which I got into retroactively, because I was a small child when those albums were released! Not all of my choices will be from the 70s, I'm sure. That's what's kind of good about being a music listener and musician now - so many eras and styles to dive into. I'm way behind on my music listening, actually - I could easily spend a year or two devouring all the music I'm interested in but haven't heard much , without coming anywhere close to exhausting what's out there. We have the same endless possibilities for making music of our own, too.


In the magical land of Sweden, where Westcoast is given much love and attention, they have Pages tribute shows. This really seems like a place I should go sometime:




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