December is about half over, and it's almost time for the third annual installment of what I'll call Trembledecember, because I don't have a better name for it at the moment. At this time of year, I usually find myself alone at home for a few days. So I spend those days in the home studio, goofing around, letting loose and generating as many new song ideas as I can. No rules, no goals, just go with whatever comes to mind. The majority of the songs on the new album came from the first such session in December 2017. (The first Trembledecember was fueled by a large bottle of Captain Morgan, unwisely consumed in its entirety, along with lots of delicious, delicious beer. I quit drinking a year ago, but no regrets!) I did this again last year, much more soberly - I didn't end up writing that much this year, being busy with making the current album and other things. But again, six or seven of the song ideas from last year's Trembledecember have become decent contenders for spots on a third Trembles album. But the more songs to choose from, the better, so I'll be doing it again this year. There's a good chance I might post some snippets here, either because I think they've got potential or because they're ridiculous.

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