Hello, everyone! I'm glad you're here, and thank you for listening.

I'm currently sprucing up this site in preparation for the release of Sucker In The Promised Land, the second Trembles of Fortune album. The long process of making the album is nearly finished now, and the debut self-titled release came out two years ago - so in a sense, you've arrived in the middle of a movie already in progress, but there's still much more to come. I hope my various posts here will give you a good glimpse into my evolving musical world.

The About page on this site gives you the basic scoop on Trembles of Fortune. The music is heavily influenced by the classic Westcoast style, which happily seems to have made a little comeback in recent years. It's ear candy to me, and I've got a sweet tooth. You'll hear flavors of rock, R&B, jazz, funk, 80s British pop...Trembles has a definite style, I think, but a range of colors and moods within that style. Trembles of Fortune is the name I've used for a long time for my solo work, and it is a solo project, though it wouldn't be near what it is today without the excellent contributions of outside musicians and engineers. I'm sure I'll introduce you to some of them here as we go.

The big news right now, obviously, is the forthcoming second album, to be released almost two years after the debut. The album-making process takes a lot of time for me - like a lot of music makers, I have a full-time day job and can't always devote the time I'd like. I do recognize there are benefits to that, though: You get more time to refine the music and make sure you really like it, and the final product is more likely to be something you've really thought through. I'm excited to finally get this baby out and into the world when it's time, and I'll be talking a lot here about the songs on the new album and the process of making it.

But that's certainly not all - it doesn't do much good to start a musical blog just to release an album every two years and have dead air for months at a time in between. I plan to write about lots of other music besides my own, and about music more generally too. And it'll be a place where I share some new music I'm working on. To this point, I haven't really put my ultimate vision of Trembles of Fortune in motion yet - the Trembles of Fortune music factory, where a steady flow of new music comes out and people have a window into the work in progress. But that's where I'd like to take it.

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