New song up soon, and Trembles on the (Internet) Radio

I hope everyone's enjoying Turn Out The Lights, the first single from the new album...though if you're not, no need to fret, because you're on the Internet and there are probably fifty million other artists and musical works to check out. Some of them are pretty good! But seriously, thanks for listening - I always appreciate when anyone takes the time to listen to Trembles music.

Speaking of which, another song from Sucker In The Promised Land is going up next Wednesday, February 12. It's called You Don't Even Know Her At All, and the first chord of the song is a Bb major ninth. There are other chords in the song as well! I think you'll dig it...

A happy recent development is that some Internet radio stations have started to play some Trembles. (Well, at least *I'm* happy about it...)  I mentioned before about Late Night Dream's podcast called the Border, which can be found here:

The Border is a great place to hear both classic and new artists in Westcoast and other nearby styles - you might hear anything from neosoul to sophisticated jazzy pop to bluesy horn-driven funk to old-school soft rock to driving AOR, and every time a new episode comes out I discover a number of new artists and songs to enjoy. I'm not at all biased because they've played songs from the new Trembles of Fortune on the last three episodes, of course. Anyway, it's fantastic.

Another excellent Westcoast online radio station, which like Late Night Dream is based in France, is WCGR:

They play an absolute ton of classic jams from the heyday of the 70s and 80s, and they also have Powerplay segments that feature newer artists working in Westcoast and related styles. Some new Trembles should be playing there soon as well...

And from the other side of the globe, in Chile, we have Radio Definitiva 90.5, spreading the Westcoast gospel:

Radio Definitiva

70s, 80s and Westcoast: ahhh, heaven...and yep, some Trembles coming here too so yay!

Many thanks to everyone at these stations!

Also, some folks have asked about the possibility of getting physical CDs of Trembles of Fortune. The answer to this is yes, there will be some! I'm working on it now, and I'm guessing CDs should be available sometime in the next couple of months.


Peace and smooth music to all,






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