Six more days until another single is up, and other news!

So yeah, there will be one more single release next week before the full album comes out. You might already be familiar with the song, if you've caught it on West Coast Golden Radio or The has lots of words starting with S in the title.

In non-musical Trembles news, this week hasn't been all that fun. I'm currently recovering from surgery to remove a large, ugly cyst on my upper right arm. (No, I don't have any photos. Gross!) Pain and fatigue are my houseguests for the week, but I'll be fine, in a short time. I'm very fortunate - I have a good job with insurance and convenient access to proper medical care. Millions of people don't have these things, and what is a comparatively minor life interruption for me might be major or even catastrophic for them. Which is utterly unconscionable bullshit. I don't deserve these advantages one bit more than anyone else; I'm just lucky. Something is very wrong with this picture. I'll leave it at that.

My healing music for the afternoon, the legendary Lyle Mays (RIP), here with Alex Acuña, Duo #1:


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