From the recording Trembles of Fortune

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Did it ever occur to you
That the things people say aren’t always true
If our love has turned to tragedy
Baby, you know you didn’t hear it from me

Rumors, lies, parts of the truth
Add up to nothing between me and you
Backstabbin’ business goin’ round
So be careful who you listen to

I don’t mean to interrupt your brave new world
But we’ve known each other much too long
Did it ever occur to you
Did it ever occur to you that you might be wrong?

I remember how it used to be
The very definition of a bittersweet memory
If you don’t know me by now
I’d try to reach you but I don’t know how

So-called friends playing games
And what they’re doin’ is a brutal shame
C’mon baby, it’s not too late to communicate (let’s communicate)


Ain’t layin’ no blame on you
You know we all do what we have to do just to survive
But there’s no way of gettin’ through
When I can’t look you in the eye