From the recording Trembles of Fortune

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He’s got a new girl now
You can’t bring yourself to say her name
You’ve been praying she’ll walk off a bridge
Or meet the king of Spain

Dreaming of high school payback stories
In your suburban blaze of glory and you’re

Newly lonely girl
These things happen to sensitive people, you know
It won’t be so bad
These things happen, these things happen
And you know what they’ll say when they see you this way
Big girls don’t cry

Made up and man bait on
I guess we all do what we have to do
But that second bottle of wine
You know it’s not helping you (but it’s helping me)

As a friend let me relate it
Joan of Arc was overrated, still you’re


Take off that blindfold
Put out that final cigarette
You’re not the only one
With scars and regrets
It will hurt but time will heal over
Oh god it hurts but time will heal over