From the recording Trembles of Fortune

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Everybody knows about your perfect record
Nobody’s ever been able to pin a single thing on you
Your sentences end with a catwalk veteran’s smile
The elliptic confusion of losing never puts you on trial

But what nobody sees
I’m running as fast as I can
From everything I’m supposed to be
When I do wrong, I just rationalize it away

Everybody knows about your perfect record
Everybody wants to break off a little piece of the chosen one
Can’t let the people sense any lack of confidence
As far as they know it’s just another bright sunshiny day

As long as I keep on running, can’t stop running, keep on running
When I do wrong
When I’m not that strong I just rationalize it away
I know that I can’t stop running, time is running out

Walking with my head down along an empty beach
I feel a shadow, a shadow I can’t see
Somewhere else in the world a tired old man
Sits in his kitchen and pours himself a drink and watches the ice melt away