From the recording Sucker In The Promised Land

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Drums - John O'Reilly
Saxophone - Tommy Hayes

Mixing by John Hegner at Starbell Hatchery Studios, Harvard, IL

Copyright 2020 Geoff Thevenot


Downtown's burnin'
I see the reflection on the waterline
Everybody tells me it's all in my mind
Enemy jets on my radar screen
I think I need a benzodiazepine
'Cuz the wrong train keeps on runnin'
Right on time

Church bells ringin'
I hear the devil on my radio
The nice man in the white coat tells me
It's time to go, let's go
'Cuz all the little drummer boys and girls
They don't see what I see in the world
I guess that every coal mine needs its canary...

So you don't have to tell me twice
I think I'll call it an early night
Would the last one to leave the party
Turn out the lights