From the recording Sucker In The Promised Land

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from Sucker In The Promised Land, released March 11, 2020
Geoff Thevenot - guitar, keyboards, bass, vocals
John O'Reilly - drums, percussion

Mixed by John Hegner at Starbell Hatchery Studios
Mastered by Tom Brick at Absolute Audio
Album cover concept and art by Devan Gill

Music and lyrics copyright Geoff Thevenot (2020)


Well, your people make your world go round
How may we help you, O big man among us
And your feet don't condescend to the ground
As you slide on down and mingle with the cannon fodder

And the makers of kings let you do anything you want
It may be all that it appears, but in a couple of years
It's back down to Earth with the little people

So you broke up with your girl today
There'll be three others for the big man among us
I saw fawning copy and free cocaine
Ain't gonna hear the wave crashing with your stereo headphones on

And the little people you love to thank
As they march in your parade
Their love is for real, but it's no long-term deal...

They love you
Yeah, they love you
And you know 'cuz they say love, say love, say love
Yeah, they want you
And your autograph
But in a couple of years
It's back down to Earth with the little people

When you look back on the madding crowds
That used to tremble at the big man among us
Try not to be too ashamed
'Cuz it's a human thing to get high on a stranger's kiss

They loved you
Yeah, they loved you
For a moment, for a one-night stand
Now it's only blank nostalgia
Just a memory of a sucker in the promised land