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Six more days until another single is up, and other news! 

So yeah, there will be one more single release next week before the full album comes out. You might already be familiar with the song, if you've caught it on West Coast Golden Radio or The has lots of words starting with S in the title.

In non-musical Trembles news, this week hasn't been all that fun. I'm currently recovering from surgery to remove a large, ugly cyst on my upper right arm. (No, I don't have any photos. Gross!) Pain and fatigue are my houseguests for the week, but I'll be fine, in a short time. I'm very fortunate - I have a good job with insurance and convenient access to proper medical care. Millions of people don't have these things, and what is a comparatively minor life interruption for me might be major or even catastrophic for them. Which is utterly unconscionable bullshit. I don't deserve these advantages one bit more than anyone else; I'm just lucky. Something is very wrong with this picture. I'll leave it at that.

My healing music for the afternoon, the legendary Lyle Mays (RIP), here with Alex Acuña, Duo #1:


New song up soon, and Trembles on the (Internet) Radio 

I hope everyone's enjoying Turn Out The Lights, the first single from the new album...though if you're not, no need to fret, because you're on the Internet and there are probably fifty million other artists and musical works to check out. Some of them are pretty good! But seriously, thanks for listening - I always appreciate when anyone takes the time to listen to Trembles music.

Speaking of which, another song from Sucker In The Promised Land is going up next Wednesday, February 12. It's called You Don't Even Know Her At All, and the first chord of the song is a Bb major ninth. There are other chords in the song as well! I think you'll dig it...

A happy recent development is that some Internet radio stations have started to play some Trembles. (Well, at least *I'm* happy about it...)  I mentioned before about Late Night Dream's podcast called the Border, which can be found here:

The Border is a great place to hear both classic and new artists in Westcoast and other nearby styles - you might hear anything from neosoul to sophisticated jazzy pop to bluesy horn-driven funk to old-school soft rock to driving AOR, and every time a new episode comes out I discover a number of new artists and songs to enjoy. I'm not at all biased because they've played songs from the new Trembles of Fortune on the last three episodes, of course. Anyway, it's fantastic.

Another excellent Westcoast online radio station, which like Late Night Dream is based in France, is WCGR:

They play an absolute ton of classic jams from the heyday of the 70s and 80s, and they also have Powerplay segments that feature newer artists working in Westcoast and related styles. Some new Trembles should be playing there soon as well...

And from the other side of the globe, in Chile, we have Radio Definitiva 90.5, spreading the Westcoast gospel:

Radio Definitiva

70s, 80s and Westcoast: ahhh, heaven...and yep, some Trembles coming here too so yay!

Many thanks to everyone at these stations!

Also, some folks have asked about the possibility of getting physical CDs of Trembles of Fortune. The answer to this is yes, there will be some! I'm working on it now, and I'm guessing CDs should be available sometime in the next couple of months.


Peace and smooth music to all,






The Latest 

Just three more days until Turn Out The Lights, the first single from Sucker in the Promised Land, is available!

Plenty of T of F news to catch up on here...the latest episode of The Border podcast is up from Late Night Dream now, and the Trembles are along for the ride again, with a different song from the album this time:

Late Night Dream was also kind enough to interview me about the new album here:

Trembles of Fortune Late Night Dream Interview

Blue Desert, another excellent Westcoast site, has also included the album in New Releases:

Blue Desert

Many thanks to Late Night Dream and Blue Desert!


I virtually never participate in Facebook memes of any kind, but my sister-in-law nominated me for the one where you post covers of 10 albums that had a big effect on you. Very difficult to limit my choices to just ten albums - I could probably name 100 without stretching things too far...three days into it, I've chosen Steely Dan's Royal Scam, Stevie Wonder's Innervisions and Yes's Close to the Edge. All of which I got into retroactively, because I was a small child when those albums were released! Not all of my choices will be from the 70s, I'm sure. That's what's kind of good about being a music listener and musician now - so many eras and styles to dive into. I'm way behind on my music listening, actually - I could easily spend a year or two devouring all the music I'm interested in but haven't heard much , without coming anywhere close to exhausting what's out there. We have the same endless possibilities for making music of our own, too.


In the magical land of Sweden, where Westcoast is given much love and attention, they have Pages tribute shows. This really seems like a place I should go sometime:




The latest 

A lot of you are reading this blog for the first time - hello, I'm Geoff, glad to meet you. As you see, there are some entries here from last month, as I figured that visitors here would enjoy having a few quick things to read or listen to. I'm planning to restart the song of the day thing for real this week, though it might turn into an evolving Spotify playlist instead, because that would probably be cooler...I'll also try to give you some of the story behind the new album as we go, and there will also be looks back to the first album and how it came together.

The next big day on the calendar in Tremblesland is January 29. That's the day a song from the new album will be available for everyone to hear! I'm planning to put up a second song two or three weeks after that, and then the full Sucker In The Promised Land album will arrive on March 11. 

And yes, more Trembles of Fortune music is in the works! A third official T of F album won't be arriving until sometime in 2021 at the earliest, but I have a good pile of songs and I'm working on a number of new ones. Hard to say what the schedule looks like just yet, but I'm excited to dig in - it seems possible to have a pretty good set of demos by midyear, and I'm sure some of them will appear here.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm still figuring out a lot of things about Trembles of Fortune besides the music itself. So if there's anything you'd like to see or hear more of, or any Trembles questions you'd like me to answer, I'm all ears! Thank you for checking Trembles out, and take care...




Is the album done yet? Yes, it is! 

It's true - and it feels good! A fine way to close out a year (and a decade). As the announcement on the home page says, the album is complete and ready to go. The project has taken about two years, so as you can imagine, I'm glad to finally be able to hear the finished product, and soon you will too! 

So with that and the holidays, I haven't posted here in a bit...I did do the Trembledecember thing, though I didn't end up scratch padding as many ideas as I'd planned. There's plenty of time for that, though, since a third Trembles release most likely won't happen until 2021. There should be plenty of new songs to choose from when it's time, and I do have a pretty good backlog of material to consider revisiting as well.

Things are about to get busy...




December is about half over, and it's almost time for the third annual installment of what I'll call Trembledecember, because I don't have a better name for it at the moment. At this time of year, I usually find myself alone at home for a few days. So I spend those days in the home studio, goofing around, letting loose and generating as many new song ideas as I can. No rules, no goals, just go with whatever comes to mind. The majority of the songs on the new album came from the first such session in December 2017. (The first Trembledecember was fueled by a large bottle of Captain Morgan, unwisely consumed in its entirety, along with lots of delicious, delicious beer. I quit drinking a year ago, but no regrets!) I did this again last year, much more soberly - I didn't end up writing that much this year, being busy with making the current album and other things. But again, six or seven of the song ideas from last year's Trembledecember have become decent contenders for spots on a third Trembles album. But the more songs to choose from, the better, so I'll be doing it again this year. There's a good chance I might post some snippets here, either because I think they've got potential or because they're ridiculous.

Song of the day, December 10, 2019 

We're enjoying a quiet night at home, and this one came up on a Spotify jazz mix:


Wes Montgomery - A Day In The Life (1967)


It's certainly recognizable as the Beatles song, though Wes's legendary sound takes over and makes it something else. Hard to imagine the range of smooth, jazzy 70s sounds emerging without Montgomery pointing the way. The jazz press of the era gave him a hard time for going more commercial in the late 60s, and I suppose you could argue that Wes covering the Beatles isn't jazz in the traditional sense - but who cares, Wes playing anything is going to sound great. This version of the song isn't a life-changer, but not every song has to be - in a sympathetic playlist, it's extremely comfortable listening.

Song of the day, December 5, 2019 

Ah, did I say these were going to be daily? Oh well, about something that isn't 35 years old?


The New Pornographers - Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile


From their latest album...listened to this earworm a lot lately; so, so much ear candy here, vocally and instrumentally, and a fantastic song title. 


Song of the day, December 2, 2019 

Howdy folks...the album's getting close! One more final mix review tomorrow night should do it, and then Sucker In The Promised Land is off to be mastered. 


Today's song of the day is in a category I've always liked a lot - deep cuts from well-known artists or albums that don't get recognized often:

Toto - It's A Feeling


This one's from Toto IV, their huge-selling 1982 album - you know, the one with Rosanna, Africa, no surprise that this one slips under the radar. Love the subdued, lonely kind of mood they set here, and so many beautiful little details weave in and out through the song. The strings really take this to another level, too.

Song of the day, December 1, 2019 

Here we are, at the last month of 2019 - it's as good a time as any to start a new feature on the blog. Nothing too complicated here - just a song each day that I like or want to talk about.

Ernie Isley - Fare Thee Well, Fair-Weather Friend


One of my favorite guitarists, from his album High Wire (1990). It's rare I hear a song where everything about it hits me in the sweet spot - the solid mid-tempo funk/rock groove, the breezy jazz (and even Latin-flavored) multitracked guitar...a bright, easy production that makes the song's harsh lyrics sting even a little more. And, of course, a gnarly Hendrix-infused solo in the outro, because it's Ernie Isley...which is great, but the rhythm work is what really grabs me here, with all those interweaving lines and grooves.